Contrary to many millennial beliefs, avocado toast isn’t the “bread of life.”

So here’s the thing.

As a 24 year old, I’ve been around the millennial block. And us millennial’s like fast and interesting. Which is why I have roughly 10 more seconds to capture your attention before you click to something else.

We don’t judge a book by it’s cover, thank you very much—but by the first few pages.

if we get that far.

So let’s get to the point of this “about” section.

This blog isn’t about the clothes I buy, the food I make, or anything you’d typically find a vlogger or millennial blogger talking about.


 This is about something bigger than a trend. Because our God is bigger than trending.

In CONFESSIONS I’m sharing the stories about my life when God was just a Sunday morning obligation—and when He wasn’t even a Sunday morning thought at all. I’m talking about what I learned when I fell away from faith, what I learned investigating my way back in, and what I’m still learning today.

Which means sharing the mistakes I’ve made (both old and new) and the mercy I’ve been given.

In FEED FOR THE SOUL I’m sharing professions from the professionals. The men and women who know a whole heck-of-a-lot more about our beautiful Catholic faith than me.

Whether it’s a 5 minute video, 20 minute podcast, 200 page book or a quick instagram post; it’s something I learned that I think is worth sharing.

The only thing I won’t be sharing with you is my coffee.

Because a person who shares their coffee is either a saint or psychotic.

Praying to end up as the former.



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