For my first post it only makes sense that I should start from the beginning.

But starting from the beginning is extremely predictable and making sense doesn’t seem to matter in 2018, so I’m starting in the middle.

Now normally, stories introduce the characters, give some insight as to who they are, and then throw them into the action. The story develops, the characters develop, and you develop overly invested feelings for them.

By the end of it you’re hunting down the author on Google and considering showing up at their doorstep, demanding to know why he killed off good ol' Ted.

So to avoid that—for your sanity and my security, I’m only going to tell you one thing about myself for now.

Plain and simple: I am not a romantic.

Now I know some girls say that, meanwhile they’ve got a Pinterest page dedicated to their future wedding; with details down to the dimensions of the rose gold cutlery they don’t want but need. But I’m serious. I never liked romantic movies. I never fantasized about my “dream guy.” And I never got swept up by “relationship goals.”

So the fact that this blog is going to be about the most meaningful relationship of my life doesnt make much sense.

Because if I’m not a romantic, why on earth would I talk about that?  How can you believe me when I say I’m not a romantic? And can you trust that I don’t have a Pinterest board dedicated to the different shades of the color white?

Glad you asked that, reader. Because it’s important that we establish trust. Establishing trust with your reader is the golden rule of writing.

I have no idea if thats true, but it sounded good.


Look at that. I’m already admitting when I don't know something. See? Trustworthy.

But back to it.

Why am I'm making a blog about my most meaningful relationship?

Because it's my relationship with God.

And it's a pretty relatable story. For most my life I didn't live on either ends of the faith spectrum. I wasn't someone with a deep relationship with God, or someone who didn't believe in Him. I was lukewarm. Baby bear's porridge, aka: in the middle and what I thought was "justtttt right." I believed in God. I went to mass on Sundays. But I didn't really know Jesus. I didn't understand the Church. And I didn't think it made a big difference in my life.

I was as right about that as a left turn. 

And this blog is to share the whole story. Where I was, where I am, where I want to go...and learning how to get there. 

One post at a time.



Where to next?

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