Growing up, I used to read “Chicken Soup For The Soul” before bed.

Quick clarification for those of you who haven't heard of it—it's not Mother Teresa's cookbook. It's a collection of inspirational stories from people around the world. I’d turn off my light and lay there thinking about the stories I just read, and the people, and the Campbell’s Soup Commercials.

Flash forward, (past my prime middle school years where I more closely resembled spaghetti than girl) to when instead of reading; I would lie in bed scrolling through Instagram.

The most reading involved was for those pictures of words that we all think are gonna be memes but end up being inspirational quotes posted by our modern-day philosophers, fitness models. (Thank you Kelsey, I can 100% take you seriously without your pants on.)

And we can all agree that those pictures of beautifully sculpted avocados are great. Really. Truly spectacular, I’m sure Michelangelo did the same thing before making his avocado toast. But having that be the last thing you look at and think about at the end of the day doesn’t really do anything for you.

But when I read Chicken Soup for the Soul, I was left thinking. About the stories, about the people, about how I would handle their situations, how I handled the day I just had, how I probably should have done that thing differently, how I'm doomed for that Trig test, who the flip even invented Trig, and did he hate all of humanity or just me specifically?


But the point is, it fostered self-reflection. It gave me important things to think about. And I don’t think any of us spend enough time doing that with all of the good/bad distractions we have today. And social media generally isn’t the place that encourages thinking about the big stuff.

So here is Feed for the Soul. A social media feed that will hopefully leave you thinking about the big things and lead you towards a deeper relationship with God.

Plus... it'll never feature a picture of my toast.

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