And that, my friends was the simplest and yet the most complicated answer I had heard in my entire life.

This is the podcast—or rather, the host Father John Riccardo is the reason I started to dive into my faith, which had previously been as shallow as a kiddy pool.

I remember listening to his talk about Fatherhood on the train on the way to the city with my Mom, and feeling an overwhelming interest in what he was talking about.

Never before had I heard someone explain the Catholic faith so well.

He was relatable, inviting and so powerful. He opened up my heart a crack, which the Holy Spirit started seeping through. He talked about things that I had never truly and deeply given thought to.

Why be Catholic? Who is Jesus? What is chastity and how do you live it? What is the Mass? The Eucharist? The vocation of men and women? The sacraments? You name it.

I’m all for Father Mike Shmitz. The Abiding Together podcast is fantastic. Emily Wilson kills it and Bishop Barron is on fire. But in my eyes, no one compares to Father John RIccardo.

If there’s one podcast I’d recommend you dive into, it would be this one: Christ is the Answer. Download on your podcast app or open this link on your phone for one episode in particular I love: Who Is Jesus: